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It’s stirring stuff, although Masters’s critics call it propaganda. As for his most recent post, the 53-year-old shared the nude snap as a jokey nod to “#NationalPickleDay” , noticed posing completely naked next to an open fridge whilst holding a jar of, err, pickles. Anxious to stop fake news from tainting the election, truth-checkers like Busari have been functioning round the clock to identify misleading posts and report them to leading platforms that employ them as contractors. Big Tech firms like Meta – the parent business of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – and YouTube owner Google have pledged additional sources to curb misleading data linked to the vote. Matthew—who also shares Levi, 14, and Vida, 13, with his wife—has been candid about how fatherhood changed his outlook in life. And then at the finish of the month, Camila will celebrate her own birthday, and we wonder if a trampoline park and ice cream cake are in store for her.

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The actor proposed with a rose-cut Cathy Waterman engagement ring that he hid within boxes of varying sizes, so Alves would not suspect anything. Nearly a year soon after the pair first met, Persons confirmed their romance in its October 2007 cover story. Given that their initially encounter in the nightclub, Alves had been by McConaughey’s side — following him to Australia, exactly where he filmed Fool’s Gold, and to the Bahamas, exactly where he shot the comedy Surfer, Dude.

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“Breaking Dawn — Aspect two” was a massive financial achievement, grossing just shy of $1 billion worldwide, and it is, to date, Tangradi’s most notable film. Not one to ever shy away from a controversial function, Matthew McConaughey plays a character inspired by real life events. When a medic in the Confederacy, Newton Knight became disillusioned with the Confederacy and left to rebel against the South.

For her performance as Mini, a maid in 1960s America, Spencer earned critical acclaim, going on to win the Academy Award for Ideal Supporting Actress. Claire Foy and Jamie Bell play a screenwriter’s lengthy-dead parents who are somehow nevertheless young and living in his childhood house. Andrew Haigh directs this thriller, which also stars Andrew Scott and is adapted from a Japanese novel by Taichi Yamada. Emerald Fennell , who previously wrote and directed the acclaimed “Promising Young Woman,” returns with one more thriller she’s writing and directing.

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We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about concerns in our community. We could possibly permanently block any user who abuses these circumstances. The way the film pits the behaviorx of Andie and Michelle against a single a further is a masterclass in internalized misogyny.

Speedman looks to revive his career by starring in a war film shot on location in the jungle. Unfortunately, he and his co-stars are thrust into danger when they run afoul of an armed gang’s drub operation. “Amistad” is a complex the original source movie that ought to be viewed as in context.

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  • The 2015 drama had an overflowing cast of stars including Samuel Jackson, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, and Channing Tatum.
  • He is known for writing and directing critically acclaimed films such as Memento , The Prestige , The Dark Knight Trilogy ( ), Inception , Interstellar and Dunkirk .
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“Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters reveled in sharing the passions, dreams and affections of their loved ones who had been alive just days earlier,” he wrote in Esquire. Weeks soon after the shooting, he wrote an op-ed in the Austin American-Statesman calling for what he referred to as “gun duty” measures. Days following that, he gave an emotional speech at the White Residence calling on Congress to pass gun reform. “I bear in mind when I moved to Longview, I built a seriously terrific tree home,” he recalled. “On a single evening a weekend, I’d go remain in the tree residence and loved that. I felt like I was all alone in the globe, like I was hiding out.” [newline]The bourbon brand will match the cost of every single Longbranch Ranch package booked with a donation to The Trail Conservancy, an Austin-primarily based non-profit that preserves the broadly loved Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail.

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Though the lesbianism remains implicit, this is nonetheless a stunning film about like and obligation. Miou-Miou and Isabelle Huppert are heartbreaking as two women whose deep connection pulls them away from the males in their lives. It is slow and chaste — at least in its queerness — but this delicate film is a tribute to love url between females. Madeleine Olnek’s highly relatable comedy about a trio of aliens sent to Earth due to the fact they have as well many feelings is as funny and weird as that premise suggests.

There’s also some thing bizarre about the heteronormative, sexually traditional nature of strip shows in common. It feels built on slightly prehistoric assumptions about what ladies come across erotic – just as not all men want to be straddled by women with large breasts, not all females want to be ground up against by a man with a 12-pack. “The worst issue is how quite a few boyfriends and husbands don’t want their partners going to,” Billy says. “In reality, they could come along, too.” Amid growing conversations about consent post-#MeToo, the mainstream men’s burlesque planet also covertly incorporates the language of consent into routines. Dancers in these shows will discreetly ask audience members for permission ahead of generating a choreographed move. Though it could appear like a dancer is seductively whispering in an audience member’s ear when they pull them up on stage, they’re truly asking them for permission to touch them.